I have been thinking of the past lately. I came across an article from Martha Stewart that was praising the virtue or preserving family heirloom recipes, which I couldn't agree with more. I have a recipe tin that belonged to my grandmother. It's full of weathered, handwritten recipe cards that speak to my heart every time I pull one out. I love these recipes and the memories that I have of time spent making them and enjoying the delicious food as a result. I look forward to sharing them with my kids as they grow older and start their own families. There is something powerful about our connection with the past. 

In my shop, I have several items significant to me. One is a tablecloth (that originally started as bedspread) that was crocheted by my great-grandma. Nellie Martin Judd was well known for her exquisite handiwork. She lived just a few short blocks away from me when I was growing up so I spent many days and nights at her house. (I swear her house was haunted!) She was my favorite grandma. She passed away in 1981 at the age of 93 so this piece of work crafted by her hands is more than 90 years old! I love to display it. It reminds me that every item I bring into my store should have some permanence and a classic charm that will be worth preserving. I want to share things that will stick around for future generations. 

The front counter that holds our cash register actually began life in a drugstore in Missouri in the late 1800's. Doug Garner, a local antique dealer, purchased it and stored it in his warehouse until we found it! His warehouse is full of MANY antiques, which is where a lot of the antiques in our store were found. A local cabinet maker put a base on it and installed drawers in the back for storage. It's my favorite piece of furniture in the store! 

This connection to the past is what helps us move forward in meaningful ways. I couldn't agree with William Faulkner more!

"Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. The past is never dead, it is not even past." - William Faulkner

So, go ahead. As you collect new items you love, be sure to hang on to that favorite piece of furniture or handmade tablecloth. Write recipes down by hand and begin saving them. Your future grandkids will thank you! 

Note: We have beautiful vintage recipe tins and recipe cards to help you preserve those recipes and memories most meaningful to you, plus a variety of beautiful gifts that will be worth keeping!