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Traditional French Crêpes

Traditional French Crêpes

I lived the first 6 years of my life in Paris, France. The smell of real crêpes takes me back to the cobble stone streets of Paris. Fast forward several years - when I was in high school we lived in the Bay Area of California for a couple of years. Every Saturday I worked at the Saratoga and Palo Alto farmers markets making crepes with a French man named Antione. He taught me the ins and outs of crêpe making... and eating ;). The batter can be made days in advance and stored in the fridge. It makes for an easy breakfast, lunch, snack, or dessert for all the hustle and bustle this time of year. I hope you enjoy this simple and authentic recipe, savory or sweet, with loved ones this holiday season!
Made with Amore,


Ingredients- crêpe batter
3 eggs
3 TBS sugar
A pinch of salt
2 cups milk
1 cup all purpose flour
1 TBS mild flavored oil (such as canola, vegetable, or avocado oil)
Butter for frying
*toppings listed at the bottom of recipe

  1. Beat the eggs with a whisk in a medium mixing bowl
  2. Add the sugar, salt, and half of the milk (1 cup). Mix until combined well with the eggs
  3. In a large mixing bowl add the flour
  4. Pour the wet egg mixture from the medium bowl into the bowl with flour
  5. Add the oil and the rest of the milk and mix until well combined
  6. For best results let the dough rest in the fridge for 2 hours. * the batter can store in the fridge for up to 5 days.
  7. When ready to cook heat a large pan (or crêpe pan if you have one) to medium heat.
  8. Add butter (enough to coat the pan when melted) then put a ladle full of batter into the pan and swirl it around until the pan is covered (not too thick- crêpes are meat to be thin)
  9. When tiny bubbles form flip the crêpe and cook it on the other side *if the first couple stick to the pan sprinkle them with sugar and use them as testers :)
  10. You can cook an entire batch at once and save them to fill later, or cook and fill them one at a time!

Savory crêpe filling:
Sautéed mushrooms and onions

Sweet crêpe filling:
Nutella banana
Fresh jam
Lemon sugar
Cinnamon sugar
Strawberries and whipped cream
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